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Offered Trade for Pierre Garcon


I was offered Danny Amendola for Pierre Garcon. I’m not interested in Amendola so I was thinking of countering and asking for Martavis Bryant instead. What do you guys think of that trade?


Ultimately, that depends on your roster construction for me. Garcon is likely going to have a higher floor whereas Bryant is going to be a bit more variable with a higher ceiling. In a vacuum I’d take Bryant b/c I like the high ceilings in my WRs, but that’s assuming Bryant would be in my flex.
Oh, and I would definitely not take Amendola for Garcon.


If it is ppr I’d lean Garçon over Bryant.


It’s standard scoring and my other receivers are Terrelle Pryor, Tyreek Hill, Alshon Jeffrey, Randall Cobb, and Pierre Garcon.


It’s standard scoring


I’d Keep garçon then