Offered trade - Ty'Son Williams for Devin Singletary?

14 man PPR

Not sure this matters, but it is a keeper league. With Ty’Son off the wire, I could keep him for a 16th round next year…

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I’d go with the starting RB over the JAG.

I don’t know what a JAG is… :pleading_face:

Ty’son looked like he’s gonna be the lead back in Bmore. Murray looked slow, he’ll get some usage but not like ty’son.
He also got some targets which is real good.
Ravens Run more than anyone in the league.
i’d keep Ty’son but i’m also a bit biased.

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Thanks for your feedback!

I would keep Ty’Son

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Bills running game goes through Allen. Lamar will get his Harbaugh still likes to use the RBs. I’d stick with Ty’Son

“Just A Guy.”

Singletary is a starting NFL RB; Williams is “just a guy” who fell backwards into a starting role for a game or two until the three other RBs they signed get up to speed. Last year it was Jackson/Dobbins/Edwards/Ingram; this year it will be Jackson/Murray/Williams/Freeman.

So yeah, you keep the starting RB over the third rushing option for the Ravens–just a guy.

He also showed he is still a rookie when he blew the blocking assignment that led to Jackson’s costly fumble–and got him benched.

I want neither but if I had to choose I guess Singletary.

Ty’Son keeper status isn’t desirable with Gus Bus and Dobbins returning next year. Maybe he steps in for Justice Hill at is the RB3 (4 depending on your view of Lamar).

I don’t think Murray will start over Williams. If anything they might share touches but from the way it sounds Tyson Williams is going to be their starter. Its L.Jackson/T.Williams/L.Murray. Tyson did miss that block last night but that’s how he learns and gets better. They aren’t going to sit him over one mistake. Harbaugh is big on Tyson and will continue to start him.

To the original poster - Stick with Tyson Williams he’s way safer than the Singletary. I think you could trade Williams for someone a littler higher than Singletary.

Not really interested in your wishful thinking; I was just letting the OP know what was going to happen so that he could make a good decision regarding the trade he was offered.

I like them both but I’d rather Singletary over Williams.