Offered Zeke+Ertz for Thielen+CMC

Full pt ppr

Here’s me (7-2):
QB: Stafford,Luck
RBS: CMC, Kamara, Lewis, Crowell, Collins, Richard, Davis
WRS: Thielen, Baldwin, Watkins, MVS, DThomas
TE: Uzomah (this week’s streamer)

Here’s Him (5-4):
QB: Big Ben, Trubisky
RBS: Zeke, Michel, Freeman, Thompson
WRS: Thomas, Tate, Humphries, John Brown, Cobb, Gabriel, Shepard

I’m thinking of countering… Thomas+Ertz for Thielen+CMC

What you think?


I would take thielen + cmc side

I don’t like either, in both scenarios you’re losing irreplaceable starting lineup punch at RB or WR.

tough to split up that Kamara CMC dynamic duo.

I had originally offered him Lewis for Burton… I was looking for a TE to go with ROS instead of streaming… not sad that he rejected it tho cuz I do like Lewis a lot ROS as well

Thanks for talking me down… at 7-2 in first place I can’t decide whether I should stand pat w/ this roster or go for something that could really put me over the top…