Offered Zeke for Carson/Golladay

Currently have Carson in FLEX and Golladay on bench. Starting Cook and David Johnson at RB, Godwin and Theilen at WR. (T Williams and A Tate are only other WRs)

Look like a good trade?

I don’t really know lol those are my exact RBs with Carson, DJ, and Cook with Evans and Kupp at WR. Only time will tell. I mean as of now Zeke hasn’t been his top tier self. Golladay and Carson are both looking really good. I just don’t know if they top guys.

Studs win leagues. I’d take the side getting Zeke.

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He has been solid

It’s funny how a few weeks changes things.

I have the advice 19 days ago to go with Zeke. Now I’m in this position.

I have Carson and Lockett. Someone is offering me Zeke and Jefferies for them.

How much of an upgrade am I getting with Zeke to make the downgrade of going from Lockett to Jefferies worth it?