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Offering Henry to Murray owner


Which WR should I target?

D. Thomas
M. Jones Jr.
M. Bryant



If you can get any of those first 3 guys its a good deal. Thomas looks great. Crabtree is a beast. Marvin Jones my least favorite with Bryant being a hit or miss for me.

Thomas or Crabtree. I would see what their schedules look like as well. Crabtree does have to play Denver twice and that is a scary matchup for any WR. Good luck!


Martavius is likely the one he’s going to bite on


any of them are good targets. but…

crabtree is coming off of a huge game, you will have to sell more to get him.

thomas has been the model of consistancy, depending on how this guy thinks he may not want to trade him

marvin jones only has 3 receptions this year… if its me i dont really want him

Bryant is about the same for me.

going off of this, im targeting thomas and hoping that he is desperate, or thinks low of thomas.


Appreciate that great feedback.