Offers for Kamara

I was offered tyreek, dj and Big Ben for Kamara. Thoughts on this one? I’d typically consider Kamara untouchable but this made me pause. WR core is Adams, agholor, cooper (ugh) and Callaway. Additional RBs are Lynch, Freeman and … Lindsay. It’s a standard league.

I wouldn’t, unless you plan on starting Josh Rosen this weekend. In most cases, if someone is doing a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 trade, I always want the Stud player(s). Your team seems fine.

Appreciate the feedback!

NO I would not

I think I might take that offer. I’d at least seriously consider it. I’d worry about Kamara dropping off after Ingram returns. His ypc are a little more than half what they were a year ago, though his ypr is about the same. If Ingrahm cuts into Kamara’s carries and the efficiency otherwise stays the same, his numbers will take a hit.

I also think DJ’s floor is about where it is now and he’ll rebound a bit as season goes on. I would love to own Tyreek all season with Mahomes throwing the ball. The upside of that combo is huge every week and Big Ben should have trade value if you don’t want to carry another QB.

Appreciate the feedback. Ultimately rejected the trade offer mainly because someone dropped Mixon which is a whole ‘nother topic!