Official Footballers LIVE AMA Thread // Friday 2pm EST / 11am PST

Hey everyone!

Jason, Mike and I will be LIVE answering YOUR questions here on this AMA thread this Friday, April 10th at 2pm EST, 11am PST.

Post your questions in the thread below and we’ll start answering them this Friday!

Anything goes, we’re here to help!

~ The Fantasy Footballers


Looking forward to it! GETHYPED!


Hey Ballers! Love the show! Thanks for bringing the humor and upbeat vibes during this tough time. I am going full rebuild in a single QB PPR dynasty league and looking at trading for more picks. Would you rather have the 1.02 and 1.10 or 1.04 and 1.06? Thanks guys! -Sean in Greeley, CO


12 Team PPR Keeper League (1 qb, 2 flex spots). Pick one to keep: Kittle for my 4th round pick, D.K. Metcalf or D.J. Chark in the 13th round pick (would be potential keeper as well for 2021 in the 10th round pick and maybe 2022 for 7th round pick), Dak 12th round pick (would be potential keeper as well for 2021 in the 9th round pick and maybe 2022 for 6th round pick)? Dak is probably the odd man out. struggling with value of kittle with TE so thin but this would be only year to keep him while Chark and Metcalf look like studs in the making that I could keep for a few years.

Thank guys, love the show. And Jason is right, boston cream is the best doughnut! Stay safe guys.

Rob M-West Haven, CT

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My league is a 3 keeper league and I have Lamar Jackson, Ezekiel Elliot, Tyreek Hill, and Michael Thomas…please help.


Hey Ballers, a keeper league draft strategy question for you guys. I’m always late round QB, and this year am keeping Waller with my last pick which really simplifies the early rounds.

With that in mind, in a 2 flex league, do you try to avoid leaning too heavily into 1 position early, or draft your BPA no matter what?

Ie. Try to avoid ending up with 4 WR & 1 RB thru 5 rounds, or vise versa? Or if it happens, it happens?


Dynasty non-ppr league. Mixon or A. Jones. Which do you prefer this year and rest of career?


Jason! Help! Just got amazing news that my wife (and 3-time league champion) is pregnant with twins. Any advice or anything you wish you knew prior to having your twins?

Thank you all for keeping us semi-sane through these tough times.


Hey ballers, can’t get enough of the show. Would you trade Amari Cooper for Adam Theilan, the 1.07 and 3.10?
It’s a 12 man half PPR league?

P.s I have the 1.06 already.


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8 team ppr dynasty. (I know 8 is too few but it was our first and we were afraid of dropouts) I’m pretty strong at WR with Godwin, Hopkins, Kupp, Kirk, Anthony Miller, Preston Williams, Diontae Johnson, and John Ross. Weaker depth at RB: Cook, Fournette, Hunt, Mattison, Armstead, and Latavius Murray. We do auction for our rookie draft as well and I currently have the third most money so I should get a crack at one of the top backs. Should I wait on the rookie and trust my top two backs or try to trade for a known and more sure top rb? We start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 2 flex (rb, wr, te). Love listening to the show. I’m a teacher who does construction as a side job during the summers and the shows have helped through lots of hot days on the job site.

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Longtime listener first time caller! Two questions for the squad! But first, doughnuts. :doughnut:

Keeper Question 10 Team 1/2pt PPR Superflex redraft league

  1. Devin Singletary in the 17th
  2. Kenyan Drake in the 11th

Trade Question 10 Team 1/2pt PPR Superflex Dynasty League (12 startable positions in total excluding K and D)

Miles Sanders for Kenny Golliday

My starting WRs are Tyreek and Julio, but then it falls off to Anthony Miller, Larry Fitzgerald, Golden Tate etc. My starting RBs are McCaffrey, Singletary, Sanders, Hunt, Peterson&Guice, Malcom Brown etc.

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Which running back would you trade away the 1.01 rookie pick for and is Chubb a consideration?

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Hey ballers interesting setup here. 12 team league with 1 point for every 20 yards and bonus points for 100+ yard games and for tds longer than 40 yards – should i alter the consensus player rankings and draft differently based off these scoring rules?

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PPR, 2 QB Dynasty League. I need a QB, I have the 1.3 and 1.4 picks for 2020 rookie draft, should I take a shot on a QB if so who? Or should I accept an offer I received which was the 1.3 for baker Mayfield ?

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Through most of the season I thought I’d be keeping Dalvin Cook, but him at the end of the season has me wondering if I should keep Zeke instead in a full PPR league. Thanks guys love the show.

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Hey Ballers! Long time listener! I wanted to ask you guys about how you prepare for Auction drafts? Our league is finally doing one this year and I wanted to know some strategies on how to navigate an Auction! Be Safe and thank you for the content during these times!!


Keep Kerryon in the 9th or AJ brown in the 11th

1/2ppr, single qb redraft, only one keeper

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Hey Fellas!

First thanks for turning me on to Sleeper, one of the best things I’ve done for my league.

I have a 10 team PPR keeper league that is turning into a dynasty and super flex this year. We are still keeping our 3 players going into the startup dynasty draft. We have 2 flex with one now super flex. I have 1.1 and plan to take Zeke (on my roster) unless something better is let loose into the draft pool.

Here are my keeper options (if same round lose the round later)

Miles Sanders- 7th
Singletary- 7th
Darnell Anderson- 7th
AJ Brown -14th
Dak -15th

I’m leaning Sanders, AJ and Dak.

P.S. we start 2 rb and 2 wr

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Hi Ballers! First time writing in! Wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into this show and the Spitballers Pod.

My redraft league is making the jump into an auction draft this year. We’re a 10 team 1/2 PPR league. Our league has an even split of guys who play a lot of fantasy football and newer players. What mistakes do I need to avoid and try and take advantage of in this type of a format?

Thank again!