Officially time to panick on Ajayi and Murray?

How does everyone feel about jay Ajayi and DeMarco Murray? Is it time to look at options to send them out of my roster for more consistent players?

I’m a little more worried about DeMarco than I am Ajayi. Out of four games, DeMarco has had one good game and that was because of one long TD run he had. Ajayi played very solid his first game, but has just been limited because Cutler is being Cutler. I’m confident that they’ll make some changes in Miami that will help Ajayi.

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I want to trust Murray more. But he’s really bit me in the butt for the first quarter of the year. I also think Ajayi may not be as involved in the passing game as last year so I’m wondering if he’s going to put up numbers if the dolphins choose to involve him more.

Panic on Murray, I am hesitant to say panic on Ajayi… ride it out

Luckily I have some decent depth. I have Kareem hunt, and Doug martin coming off suspension although it may be a week or two before he’s up to speed. I also have Christian McCaffrey who I’m also kinda panicking on.

I also have hunt, Doug, and McCaffrey… I would hold on to the RB’s you have… unless you are 0-4 and need immediate change

I’m 2-2 but I’m leaning heavily on my RB Corp. I’m pretty weak in receiver with Marty Bryant, Brandin Cooks, Chris Hogan, Devante Parker and Adam Thielen (who may get moved for Will Fuller if waivers clear).