Offline Draft Hosting Advice

Hey Foot Clan,

I am hosting the inaugural offline draft for my home league this year and some of the managers are alot more serious than others. The draft kit we are using is pretty standard, with a board and sticker sheets. Should I provide a printed ranking sheet (based on yahoos adp for our league), to all managers so that those who are not as serious will have a better idea of where players are going, in case they don’t make any of their own rankings?

P.S. this is a cash league.

Thanks guys!

My recommendation would be to not provide an ADP list to the people in your league. You can def communicate and encourage people to come prepared with their favourite site’s ADP. If there are some who choose not to seek this out, than so be it.

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As long as there is food and drinks everything else should be up to the players. It’s a cash league so they should come prepared

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i like to have my league as competitive as possible!
if you already know that there will be people who don’t come prepared or maybe need some help for valueing players, then i definitely have some sheets or rankings for them!

if they decide not to use it fine… at least you have some stuff if someone would like to!

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My thought is that giving out a standard rank list could be a greater disadvantage to the people using it.

If I was an experienced fantasy player drafting against someone ‘brand new’. Someone hands that person a list of ranks. I’m going to use those ranks against them. I essentially know their strategy.

That’s why my suggestion is to encourage the people in your league to do this ahead of time. Maybe reach out to those individuals who might need help specifically. Explain the benefit of having some support ADP. Recommend the Ballers podcast.

I’m not suggesting hanging anyone out to dry. But I don’t think giving the more serious people a further edge is the solution.

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