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Oh Boy... Trade proposed and need help


So I was just sent the following two trades… Do I do both, one, or neither? Non-PPR

Trade 1
I give: Mike Gillislee (eligible keeper and i would lose my 14th round pick)

I get: His 8th round pick

Trade 2
I give: Pick 1.09 and Allen Robinson (eligible keeper and I would lose my 14th round pick)
I get: Pick 1.01

Currently I am keeping: OBJ, Jordan Howard, and Allen Robinson. I could do Trade 2 and then keep Gillislee in place of Robinson if needed. Or I can do both trades and then keep Jamison Crowder for my last pick.

If I did both trades I would draft Lev Bell first, meaning after the first round I would have:

QB- Empty
RB - Lev Bell
RB - Jordan Howard
WR - Jamison Crowder
TE- Empty
W/R - Empty

And grab probably a WR with my 2.04 pick. Thoughts?


i would do trade 2 as long as DJ or Bell is there to take.

Trade 1 i would stay away from. the upside of gilly is worth more than an 8th round pick. plus hes free in the 14th


Im just nervous cuz he has been out for like 2 weeks with his hamstring injury.


still worth a “flier” in my opinion. 8th round you arent getting anyone with his upside

hes basically free with the upside of an RB1 in new england. Hes not guaranteed the starting role but he is the most talented back on their roster and with that said if he does in fact win that role youve seen what the patriots can do

and say he does break-out thats a killer keeper


I am not buying that he is the most talented RB on their roster. Maybe that is because it sickened me last year when I watched him steal TDs away from Shady (fortunately no games were lost because of this), but more likely it is because I thought he looked less talented than McCoy. He looked good, don’t get me wrong, but he is not the next LT. And under Belicheck, there will be games when he gets you RB4 numbers.

And I would probably not keep 3 RBs, so the bump up in draft pick to 8th round is good enough for me to pull the trigger.


who do you think is more talented on the patriots roster? just curious.

also note that the patriots gave up draft capital to go get gilly from the bills.

and i believe he was the most efficient RB last year. Limited touches but still very efficient when he got the ball


Well, it is possible that Burkhead is better. Belicheck went after him and I believe they are paying him more than Gillislee. James White showed his talent on the biggest stage.

And Gillislee had nice numbers for sure, but he doesn’t seem to do much in the way of receiving. He is currently injured, which is a concern, but …

My biggest issue is that Belicheck will play all of his RBs and you can never really predict when he will favor one over the other. I believe that the Blount TD roll last year was an anomaly. I will avoid paying high draft capital for a Patriots RB.


yeah i dont disagree with belicheck playing all his rbs but for a 14th round its free to take a chance is basically my argument for keeping him


I guess the real question should be… Who do you think will be more valuable at the end of the season, Allen Robinson, or Gillislee. They both cost me my last pick but I can only keep one.


also Blake bortles cant throw a deep ball to save his life. 8.7qbr last year on passes 25 yards or longer. Plus theyre turning into a run-first team. A-rob is in a terrible position. its a shame hes crazy talented