Oh come on

Going in to today I was projected to win 130-110 or so. 1/2PPR plus some other bonus points

I had Jesse James who had 1 target.

He has
JuJu - like 1 point before the 4th quarter finished with 15.

Halftime I am now projected to lose by 2 (still up 16). Come on Oakland Defense.

Yeah…it’s been another one of those “ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME???” weeks. I had Thielen, Rudolph and McKinnon. Were supposed to get me 37 pts PPR combined. Ended up with a big fat whopping 10 pts from them!!! 4 for Thielen, 1 for Rudolph and 5 for McKinnon. Soooo…right there with ya buddy. So much for going out with a bang huh!!!:unamused:

I picked up gates after henry went down. decided to go with James since AB was out. wrong choice.

Yeah…plus I also played Alex Smith (19 pts) over Cousins(28 pts)…played Chiefs (9)…sat PATS (16). Duke (17) and Dede (11) both on my bench!!! Couldn’t play the right ones this week to save my life!!! OR my season. Which is now over!!!:sob:

Thankfully the Eagles forgot how to play offense in the second half. #footclantitle

I had Crabtree left tonight and opponent Philly D…up by 4 points.
Got destroyed

hopefully that TD on the last play wasn’t the difference…

Oh not even. I needed this game to be a shootout and have crabtree score enough to keep Philly D down. Didn’t happen once. I blame Seth Roberts though now that I think back at the game lol

Yeah. Crabtree…GOOSE EGG!!! REALLY???