Oh Gurley Gurley Gurley UGH!

The facts here are. I’m in a 14 person league with a 1-3 record. SLOWLY but most definitely losing my sight on that playoff run. Do I sell Gurley high or keep him and see what he can pull off for me? PS! I hate fantasy football so much it makes me cry

Rest of team? In a 14 man league odds are there is a RB needy team just praying Gurley becomes available.

Personally I like the idea of flipping him, but I don’t own him myself. I’m not sure I like the usage so far and he’s still injury prone. Like sure, give him more reps which also gives him a bit higher chance to be injured. He’s also facing a couple decent defenses later in the season (CHI, BAL, DAL) so if your season turns around, he could end up a risky play when you’re making a playoff push. Hard to know for sure since that’s mostly narrative stuff i said. :confused: