Oh Luck! Who do I Stream week 1! Standard scoring

I’ve got Luck on my bench for obvious reasons and NO back up… Palmer, Taylor, Eli, Bradford are on the waivers… thoughts on who to start?

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How did you come to draft only luck?
Palmer has a good matchup the first few weeks

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Carson or Ely

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I got him in like the 13th round I was shocked he was still there…10 man league… after him it was pretty much the same QBs that would be on waivers and I don’t think I had many bench spots left. Thanks for the input guys

Palmer is a good option for the first few weeks.

Agreed! But Davidd Johnsonnnnnn🎤 might be a TD hog next week lol

Possibly through the air as well.

True! I’m good with that!

I had the Same situation, I went with eli @ Dallas Sunday prime time. Can’t get any much better than that.