Oh Man Delanie.. Trouble At TE

So I only drafted one TE, and that was Delanie Walker late in the draft. With his season ending injury, on top of my probably week 1 loss, I feel I’m in trouble! Here are the TEs already taken by other teams in the league (avoiding the obvious ones like Gronk, Kelce, etc):

V. Davis
J. Cook
E. Engram
O. Howard
J. Reed
B. Watson
Seals Jones

So… I have no clue where to go lol. Feels like my only shot is the SEA TE. But does anyone have any other opinions on deeper choices who I can play?

Well…the obvious guy who’s missing from this list is ASJ…maybe he’s a part of the “etc.” in your parenthetical note above the list, but maybe not. You might also want to consider “mr. necessary” in buffalo. I know that sounds crazy right now, but whoever is under center there will need the TE as the security blanket and they’re not going to score 0 points every week.

Generally, though…my advice would be to listen to the guys’ recommendations for streaming TE’s. They really are the first guys I came across who are quite resourceful and detailed about it.

In other words, I wouldn’t think about signing one guy and sticking with him. I’d look for the guys with the good matchups.

Good luck!

Is ASJ taken?

Ah this both embarrassing and hurtful… but ASJ is taken as well! Good look though.

I’ll definitely be listening this week for streaming TEs then… and seeing if any drops occur

Yeah streaming is the best option right now. I’ll be tight there with you since Walker & Olsen went down for me in separate leagues.

Ryan Griffin TE for Houston. He used to be a backup but won the starting role for 2018. I know I know 0 points week 1 but if you note the 5 targets and 2 of them in the endzone, he has some pretty big upside. It also helps that the Texans rank in the top 5-10 for targets to TE.

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