Oh Nick Chubb! Why?

Really hoping Chubb gets in the end zone at least once!

I got Chubb and Lindsay in one league… I’m gonna need a miracle

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Bro I played him on 1 team I have and sat Damien Williams… I feel like a tool for that lol

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Haha I played Lindsay, chubb and Hill and sat Williams

Nothing worse than getting season long lows in playoffs

Yeah. I got Chubb too. BUT…have to wonder if they’re not trying to go easy on him since they might STILL (with a miracle) in the next couple of weeks…be able to pull this off!!!

AND yeah…really was counting on Chubb tonight!!! GRRRRRR!!!

AND…got Sutton and DEN on the bench.:roll_eyes:

No. They’re just dumb. If they don’t win they have 0 chance to make playoffs.

I havent looked at the game all night cause i have a couple players in it and im afraid to watch… Whats the score?

Yeah. Looking that way. BUT…with a win…maybe.


17-13 CLE. DEN at the goal line.

DEN just got the FG. 17-16. 4:35 left.

Yeah i just looked at my score and seen Lindsay aint done nothing for me tonight… Man im having a rough week

Literally besides that big breakaway chubb just had, nobody has done anything on the ground

Man Sitting Damien williams just keeps getting more and more painfull each game that passes for me… I really hope the rest of my team will perform

I know y’all. CAN ONLY HOPE FOR OT!!!

at least Chubb’s now put up double digits. PPR!!!

Chubb’s got 100 (barring a stat correction on that last loss as Yahoo put him back at 99 and then changed it to 100) and another bonus for a 40 yard run. He didn’t get the score this week but he did fine. Wish he had got the score when he was inexplicably not even on the field and they were throwing on first and goal from the five. That would have given him a 20 but I can’t fuss about that since he’s got at least a td seemingly every week.

yep!!! EXACTLY @psychosem17

I was supposed to get “20” pts out of him this week…but…my opponent had Keenan and Tyreek. AND…I’ve got Fairbairn. Sooooo……not saying NOTHING…LOL…AIN’T GONNA JINX MYSELF BY BOASTING!!! SOOOO…….:grinning:

Man he didn’t Goose me but I need Gurley and Fournette to step up now. Luckily my opponent has Keenan Allen and Miller, but we all know how quickly the tables can turn in Fantasy Football.

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Nice … I had Hopkins and Lindsay today… My opponent had Kelce, Landry, McGuire and Chargers Kicker play so far… He has McCaffery though and that guy scares the hell out of me so i need a big lead lol… I need Fournette and Julio to do well for me… I have J.Samuels if conner is out and Michel if Conner plays… My bases are covered I just need some players to pull through…

Good Luck tomorrow fellas and non fellas :rofl: Lets bring home that Chicken DInner

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