Oh no. Need playoff help REALLY slim choices after obj injury Dante Pettis Or Mike Williams?

I’ve got Dante Petris In now.

Other choices are
mike Williams (I have Keenan Allen and Austin ekeler and there will probably be many touchdowns for the chargers.)
Jordy Nelson
Antonio Callaway
Marquise Goodwin.
Devante barfer

Any other options I might be missing but it’s that slim right now. Any help is appreciated thanks.

Tough situation. I kinda like Goodwin better than Pettis today. Either way I’d roll a SF WR

I’m taking Callaway

If I go San Fran wr I think I’ll stay Pettis. He Seems to be doing well with Mullins. Thanks for the input!

I like the thinking he’s a heavy consideration. I could see the browns beating the panthers. (Hopefull falcons fan)