Oh who to Keep!? - Need Help!

Hi All,

I’m inheriting a team in a 10 team PPR keeper league 2 RB, 2WR, 1RB/WR, 1FLEX. Each team gets to keep 6 players and need to be submitted by July 31st.

That said who do you think I should keep?

QB- Andrew Luck
RB - Dalvin Cook
RB - James White
RB/WR - Lamar Miller
WR - Keenan Allen
WR - Michael Thomas
TE - Eric Ebron
Bench - Tevin Coleman
Bench - Larry Fitz
Bench - Kyle Rudolph
Bench - Sterling Shepard
Bench - Kirk Cousins
Bench - D’Onta Foreman
Bench - Elijah McGuire
Bench - Dante Pettis

I’m obviously keeping Michael Thomas, KA, Cook, and most likely White.

Any input for the other 2/3 spots?


Id keep Pettis, Luck,

I would keep luck, then it is between pettis and miller for me. I think pettis has the higher ceiling but miller would be the safer choice. Would probably lean pettis tho since you already have 2 other rbs

I would keep:
Dalvin Cook, Keenan Allen, Michael Thomas, Tevin Coleman, Lamar Miller, James White

I would be keeping Luck, Cook, Coleman, Allen, Thomas, & Pettis. Then I’d focus on whoever the leftover RBs are early. I could see the argument for James White, but in a 10 team league I think there should be value leftover; or I’m sure you could even snag White himself as your RB3 if there’s slim pickins. Give me the lead back in a Shanahan offense. I’m presuming that it will be Coleman over McKinnon just based on his track record & I also personally just think he’s the more talented back.

What are the keeper rules? Is it no keeper cost and how long can you keep for? Do you have to keep 6 or can yo ukeep less?

1st off - do not keep James White. IMO that would be a huge mistake. No brainer keepers are MT, KA, Cook. In terms of the others, depending on how your league mates value QB, Luck could be a possibility. Last potential could be pettis but honestly, I wouldn’t really look at keeping anyone beyond that.

I’m with you on James White based on OP’s crop of players. I don’t think he can replicate his top 10 finish last season based on anyone’s history (good article btw).

I wouldn’t go out of my way to draft him, but if he falls a a round or two I would roster him at least & see how it goes. He’s still young enough that he should be involved (at least early on - I’m not banking on season long) & he’s got a good rapport with Brady.

You would rather take a flyer on Pettis than keep White? Even though White was a top 10 PPR RB last year?

I have a hard time thinking Pettis can come close to that type of production this year.

There are no keeper costs and you can keep your players forever. The draft is going to be thin, mostly consisting of rookies so the thought is to keep as many established players as possible.

Why would keeping James White be a huge mistake? What is the downside of keeping him?

I would rather go Pettis over White. Maybe it’s my own personal bias, but I think he’s the guy that can take the biggest leap forward at the WR position this year (the consensus is probably DJ Moore who I think is ridiculously talented so that should speak to how I want to gamble on Pettis this season). I just think he looks different than other young wide outs, starting last season around the Seattle game when he really broke out. I wouldn’t want him to be my WR1 by any means but he has flex appeal for me & I think the 9ers offense should be improved with a healthy group of guys.

The thing with James White is that yes he finished top 10 last year, but history says that he won’t repeat that & may not even come close. Both on history with other pass catching RBs & even his own history. Last season was his best fantasy finish by far. I think he could still have a role in the Pats offense, but I’m not going to bank on White to have week to week value.

I would keep D Pettis as well. I would also keep Luck if there is no round penalties.

I have an article coming out about James White later this week. I’ll post you the link once it’s out so I don’t have to re-write 2000 words but short of it is, his performance from last year was an outlier and is not at all sustainable. I wouldn’t waste a pick in the top 6 rounds on someone like White. Would rather have that pick to potentially snag one of the rookies if you have a pick early enough.