Oj Howard and friends that may be better?

I have OJ Howard

TE free agents in my league are

Eric Ebron
Ricky Seals-Jones
Jared Cook

Anybody else going with the other three instead of the juice man?

I’m literally in the same boat. I’m leaning towards staying with OJ week 1 just to see what type of target share he gets, but I see the case for Seals-Jones being the 3rd option in Arizona.

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Maybe drop Howard since Winston is gonna be out and plug Seals in and see how he does until Winston returns???

Only reason I would do that is because Bradford loves hitting his TEs. The talents is definitely there, but the only thing that makes me nervous for week 1 is Seals-Jones having such a small sample size to go from.

I’m gonna roll the dice, I’ll come back and visit this thread again after week 2 lol