OJ Howard and Mike Evans on same team

Thoughts on drafting Mike Evans and OJ Howard on the same team in a PPR league? Is there enough receptions to go around for this to be valuable?

I think there’s enough offense to go around given Ariens is the head coach.

i definitely like both players this year but Jameis still scares me.

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I understand that fear. But I’d still go for Evans and Howard if the draft price is good

Totally okay in my book. I am big on both of them with Ariens running the show this year.

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I agree and wanted to add that TB had 234 vacated targets so even if those get spread around to Godwin/others there should be plenty left

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Do you see an RB emerging in the passing game?

Probably not is my guess, TB only threw to the RB position 15% last year (30th best as the guys say) and I don’t believe either Barber or Jones are supposed to be great pass catchers.

I know it’s a new coach but I think he already said something like his running backs aren’t David Johnson so that doesn’t inspire great confidence

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