Oj howard or Eric ebron

Hey foot clan, in a bit of a pickle here. Opponent just had Lamar miller do some damage and I’m predicted to lose by about 20 points, who’s got the more upside here ebron or howard? Both have good matchups, I’m more worried for doyle coming back

I am in the same situation and Trying to decide between the two.

Ebron has a good match up but Hilton is back. Maybe Mack and Doyle are healthy enough to play. The game script may go in fair of running the ball.

Yeah that’s what worries me too, the thing about howard is he should be in a back and forth high scoring game, and he’s been playing quite well. With Hilton and possibly doyle back, really need to hope for a td

Looks like Doyle and Mack are back.

Bengals ruled out dennard, burfict and vigil. So they are down 2 lbs and a corner. I’m gonna go with Howard.

I literally just put howard in too! I think it’s a good choice