OJ Howard TE

OJ Howard as my TE. Best free agent available Jordan Reed. Worth adding?

sure hes worth the add, I am not ready to give up on howard yet though. It also kinda depends on what your thinking about droping

I traded OJ yesterday and glad I did, but I feel hella guilty. He’s getting no targets. I’d try something, maybe a trade.

Marquis Goodwin. Have plenty of good WR. I’ll never play him

yea id drop goodwin for a flyer TE, if you cant trade howard and maybe try to package him. you could use that last spot to just stream TE/ QB/ Def as needed

OJ Howard is not involved at all… This is very concerning…

Eifert, Dissly, Higbee are all available… Awaiting Herndon’s return… Two weeks of no production is costing people wins. So much for a 5th-7th round pick…


Very well said @Both_Barrels_Blazing!!! What the hell is going on here with this mess??? NO Howard two weeks in a row!!! Something is definitely going on behind the curtain here!!!

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We were promised more receptions for the bucs! Only my boy Godwin is balling. Someone give Bruce a call

Gonna drop Howard for Higbee as gross as that is… I acquired him through a trade before week one, so no love lost on this one… Cost me a 9th-10th round RB from the draft…

@Both_Barrels_Blazing… Yep…I took him in the 5th round. Took Andrews as a backup in the 10th. Put my faith in OJ both these weeks!!! You know what!!! I’m done with him. Going Andrews from here on out!!! PERIOD!!!

OJ just committed Murder again. well guess what OJ, you’re getting your own medicine, CUT that dude.

-BTW I know its not OJ Simpson. But could have been watching him run around hella slow.