OJ Howard to IR

Title says it all. Can’t believe this after the ‘positive’ news. I’m so screwed at te now lol.

Not surprised at all. I posted a link to the video in which the HC for TB gave that answer. The “good news” report on espn was clearly misleading IMO after watching the interview in full context and reading his body language.

Good news is, he doesn’t clutter the bench with weekly “game day decision” status.

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Yeah, I guess that’s one positive. You know for certain he’s not worth a bench spot at this point. I missed the the video that you shared on it, but i’ve been relying heavily on OJ.

Now to roll with Doyle or trade for a tight end before the deadline tomorrow.

Damn, I really needed OJ in the playoffs, I guess I’m going to have to make a claim on Everett & then put someone in to act as bye week filler.

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Me too man me too. I was super pumped about claiming him just after he returned from his knee injury and had my tight end woes fixed.

The other TEs on waivers: Herndon, Vannett & Jesse James. Who to use as week 12 filler?

I’m picking up Brate and Everett and toggling based on matchup moving forward.


Pickup Jordan Reed, Vance McDonald or Brate for this week and ROS - Half Pt PPR…thanks!

Brate with Winston at QB

Brate, I wish he were on my waiver wire :’(

Man I kind of feel bad, two weeks ago I talked the Ertz / OJ owner into a trade for Ertz based on his TE depth. Ok…I’m done feeling bad.


Tis the name of the game. Glad you don’t feel too bad lol.

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Was hoping this news wouldn’t hit until tomorrow!! I have zero faab and wanted to scoop Brate up! OJ owner has priority over me ugh