Oj howard wtf

Great player but not being used… when will they realize and give him the ball or is it never

I just dropped OJ and picked up John Brown. I’m D-O-N-E…DONE, DONE, DONE with him. The way I see it, with Arians not being a big one for TE’S, OJ MAY get a few targets now and then, BUT…that’s not enough to want to give him precious space on my roster!!! :angry:


Would you guys trade him off? I got a trade offer: JuJu for my Theilen and oj howard ( I have waller)

@d3nali85. If it was me, I think I’d have to hold off on that one until we see what JuJu’s gonna do without BIG Ben. That might be why the person is offering/wanting to get rid of him.