OJ vs Olsen

Standard scoring. OJ had all the upside, right?

Olsen looks to have a higher floor. TB doesn’t seems to use the TE down field

OJ has the upside but also a floor of zero, or a line of 1-7… I have to see it first for a few weeks before I can buy in

Well it’s the best matchup he’s going to get so it’s now or never.

You got your mind on oj. Play at your own risk.

True but as @plem says as long as you know how low the floor is. OJ is on my wire and I’m going between Jonnu and Gesicki myself. Anything not to roll OJ out, he’s too volatile this year

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I’m playing gesicki. With Kittle being doubtful. Junno could be a good play with Davis out but Henry probably getting 30 carries since it’s the way to be kc.

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Went with OJ, still lost anyway.