OJ Week 3 Replacement

Hey guys,

Frustrated OJ owner needing some advice.

So obviously I’m not happy with OJ. My plan was to bench him week 3, and give him one more week. If he can’t produce, he’s an easy drop.

I’m 2-0, my team has picked up the slack, without OJs help we’ve been able to get by. I’ve been lucky that my matchups haven’t been with the real high scorers in my league yet. I obviously want to keep winning, wondering if I roll the dice on another OJ sub 5 point performance and hope my team can pick up slack again, or do I just give up on him and get a TE that will atleast get touches and a few yards to help add to my teams points.

Full point PPR, btw.

Problem is, after waivers, I got Scary Terry McLaurin when I really didn’t think I would at the 9th waiver pick. Now I am happy with my bench, and there’s no one I really want to drop for a second TE.

My bench is:
Adrian Peterson
LeSean McCoy
Miles Sanders
Jaylen Samuels (Conner Owner)
Mecole Hardman
Terry McLaurin

TEs available that I’d be interested in:
Greg Olsen (AZ is a nice TE matchup, but not sure Cam being out affect)
Vance McDonald (Ben out, same uncertainty)
Jason Witten (Great Qb, playing MIA)
Will Dissly (no real opinion on this one)

In my situation what would you do? Would you drop someone from my bench for a second TE? Would you start OJ this week? Or would you just drop OJ and grab another TE and move on?

Thanks guys!

I’d pick up Vance and keep Howard for another week. I’d drop McCoy

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Appreciate the response. I’m leaning on dropping McCoy and letting OJ ride the bench for a week before I decide whether to fully drop him or not.

Any reason in particular you chose Vance over the others?

Rudolph seems to have good chemistry with Vance. I also think he’s the most talented out of what you listed.

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