OK. Dede seems to be the choice, but over R Anderson?

Title pretty much says it. Really, really hard to sit Robby Anderson, especially since he seems to have a HUGE rapport with Petty. But Dede seems to be the hot new item. Sooooo…Dede or Anderson??? That is the question my friends!!!

I think Dede has a safer floor. I’d roll with Dede. But, if you are the under dog and need a boom or bust play, Robby could be your guy.

Actually I got knocked out 1st round of Play Offs. So now just pushing for points to end the season towards the upper tier. So…still need wins!!!Thanks a bunch buddy. Appreciate the thoughts and help!!!

I dont like Anderson with Petty under center and an under the radar Saints D.

Petty is qb… go with Dede