OK. I know this sounds crazy....BUT

I have both Robby Anderson and Kenny Stills. Anderson is pretty much an “auto-start” at this point, BUT…Den is one of the toughest against the pass, whereas Stills is starting to show some “shine” again and has NE this week which is not the best against the pass and is on the road. Granted, the last time MIA played NE in NE they stomped all over MIA’s passing offense, but…wow…just really, really have a feeling here. Anybody else thinking this way for this week???

Hate to think about sitting Robby over Kenny, but…THIS IS THE PLAY OFFS HERE!!! LOL can’t afford ANY mistakes at this point!!!

I believe Denver has the allowed the most passing TD’s this year. NE has turned it around defensively and I don’t think Cutler will go off on them. Tough call regardless

I was just toying with the idea of playing Stills over Baldwin

The last 4 weeks in ppr

still has over 71 points.
more than tyreek more than funchess and baldwin

Baldwin has 44 points over 4 weeks.

i agree i see some magic with stills

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@joshua_blumm good points. Yeah, I just picked up the PATS DST because they’ve been starting to put on the steam here, but IDK, again…just not sure about this week. LOL…we’ve all had them…one of those weeks where you’re fighting yourself over those “gut-feelings” , the stats and what the Ballers and all the other analysts are saying. You go against your gut and it punches you in the face and you just want to “hurt” somebody, cuz you should have gone with your gut!!! LOL

@Windowlicker. I know. EXACTLY. BUT…wow…sit Robby Anderson and play STills??? I’m pulling my hair out over this one!!!

@joshua_blumm. I might be mistaken on this so please don’t take this as a contradiction to your comment. Den has allowed the most passing TD’s this year as you mentioned, but I thought that was mostly against the TE’s which they are pretty slack about covering. As for those tough, quick and slick WR’s I thought they tended to crumple. Please correct me if I’m wrong cuz I’m just going on the stats I’ve been able to find at this point. Thanks buddy. Cuz I sure hate stating facts if I’m completely off track with them!!! :smiley:

You could be right! I haven’t looked into it. But you may be right, I know they are terrible against TE. I’ve trusted Dolphins in the past, Parker and Stills specifically. But if you’re gut says Stills go for it. It sucks when you go against your gut feeling and get burned!

Thanks. LOL…it’s been such a crazy, nutty, TOTALLY INSANE FFB season this year, sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going. So…TY…just didn’t want to be stating anything that was complete BS for anybody else reading the comments!!! LOL…sometimes I can use all the help I can get. With the NFL changing chit almost every 5 mins it’s hard to keep up sometimes!!!

Soooo @Windowlicker and @joshua_blumm, still curious…if you had to make the decision to SIT Robby Anderson and START Stills…would you??? Again…soooo hard to even consider sitting Robby. BUT…:confused:

I’m starting R Anderson in that situation and it’s not even close. Mark it down!

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So they have allowed the most TDs TOTAL this year. But they allow the 3rd fewest yards. It’s because of turnovers and field position they are just giving up point like crazy because of their horrendous QB play. I would go Anderson with the TD upside. I’ve been starting he Pats D and they have been AWESOME lately! Ride that steam into a division foe they always steam roll. Stills MAY get a garbage time TD but I would go with Anderson. Much safer bet.


@casperhodi…TY for that info!!! How true. TD’s can definitely make or break…but…that ydg can MOST DEFINITELY make or break as well. And I appreciate the feedback @josh_dorsett and everybody else concerning Anderson. This might be one of those weeks that I should just tell my gut to shut the hell up. LOL

As I mentioned above…REALLY, REALLY hard to sit Robby. Reckon just getting that nervousness that always hits at P/O’s!!!

Prob gonna just go with Robby.

Thanks a MIL y’all for your feedback here!!!

OK @casperhodi. One more question. Sorry…LOL. I’ve got both the PACK DST and the PATS. I’ve got the PACK starting. You think go with NE instead??

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Pats hands down. They are in the final stretch fighting for home field advantage. They will dominate them in prime time. The Packers D has not been good at all the entire year. Plus with josh Gordon back he has a much better chance of burning the Packer D than Sills or Parker vs the Pats. Also Hundley likes to turn the ball over so the Packers could be playing some short fields. The Cleveland defense isn’t one to sleep on. This game will be closer than most think.

And no worries haha. If I could get paid to answer fantasy questions I would do it full time lol

@casperhodi…I know…what a DREAM JOB that would be huh? BUT…the more I think about it…at this time of the season…ESPECIALLY at this time of the season Bellichick always manages to find a way to pull it off…whether OFF or DEF!!! So…yeah…again…the more I think about it…I think I have to agree…whether DST or OFF…PATS!!! LOL…kinda like a major “DUH FACTOR” HUH??? Even tho I’m usually a PATS hater…since I picked up their DST the other day…I think I would agree and go with them!!! Next week against PIT I might have to lean with the PACK vs CAR however. IDK. Will have to see what happens then. BUT…THANKS HUGE!!! I think you’re prob right this week!!!

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Yeah sit them next week for sure. Ben is better at home. I have the Minn D for that but they have great matchups the rest of the way. I mean look at me I’m a Broncos fan so you know how I feel about the Pats too haha. I can’t play team favorites in fantasy football. Burned me every time.

And if I’m wrong feel free to send me a hate message haha. But if it makes you feel better I’m starting them too.

LOL. Hey buddy…whenever one of us tries to help another, there’s always the chance for a “ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME GAME!!!” So…LOL…absolutely NO WAY I would ever even think about sending anybody a HATE mssg when they were simply offering an honest opinion. AND…LOL…THIS IS FFB!!! Ain’t no way anybody can ever be held accountable for what mess it might turn out to be some weeks!!! LOLOLOLOL. Thank you for all your help!!! Best of wishes to you my friend for the ROS!!!

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