OK....I'm officially done offering advice for this year! LOL

Apparently this is my FFB year of “slap you in the face”!!! Soooo…for everybody that I’ve offered advice to and it ended up being “slop” advice…don’t feel bad…it bit me in the ass as well!!!

Looks like I’m fixin to go 3-6!!! GRRR…(sigh)

Thursday and London games need to go!!! They are a joke!!!

TY @DABOYS4LIFE. Nice to know you have friends here that have enough sensitivity to care enough to try to help make you feel better when you know you pretty much have to accept this is NOT gonna be a FFB year you are gonna wanna continue to put much effort into. LOL…not looking good at this point. OH WELLL!!! Is what it is at this point!!!

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I’m about to go 3-6 as well probably. I lost Zeke and McKinnon along with Brady are on byes… I’m effffed

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TY for your feedback @lynch24!!!

Seems like that Watson injury hit and it’s gonna be a rough football weekend-

Oh snap Zeke is back for at least one game 4-5 here I come!! Lol

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