Ok to Stream Mariota?

What do you guys think about streaming him during his easy matchups since his schedule doesn’t look terrible and he would’ve put up 22 points if not for the 4 interceptions? I have Brees so I can still use him for the games that I think will be a shootout but if he doesn’t have to pass it’s clear that he won’t.

Brees is a concern for me too. Both of his td passes came in the last 3 minutes.
So yeah, streaming a guy like MM seems like a good idea.

What would you think about Cam Newton over Mariota? I have a chance to trade for him since the Newton owner has Dak and needs a RB really bad after losing all three of his.

why help another guy? just stream mariota, im doing that until either week 16 or rodgers comes back. titans schedule gets ridiculously soft.

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Cam has a much higher ceiling, but isn’t as consistent as Mariota.
Looking forward, Marietta has the 8th easiest schedule, & Cam 14th

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Not helping him out as it would work more in my favor than anything else. I’ll probably grab Mariota though as that schedule does look amazing.