Ok what are we doing with Conner?

I’m a James Conner owner, and right now I’m still holding onto him instead of trading him for pennies on the dollar. He’s carried me to a bunch of wins and selling at bottom value doesn’t feel like it’s worth the risk to me. I’ll make some deals and hope to get some premium talent for him, but I’m not going to panic and do anything much less than I would have done yesterday. Agree? Disagree? What are the other Conner owners doing today?

Hold onto him for dear life. It’s looking less and less likely that Bell will play a mere snap this season, and Connor is an RB2 who can carry you through to the fantasy championship. Do nothing.

Hold firm, he’s an elite RB as long as Bell is out. We don’t know when or if Bell reports, and if Bell reports we do not know who gets what role.

I sold my Conner last week for OBJ.

Conner is a RB1. He has been playing lights out and will continue to do so as long as he’s given the chance. I’m keeping my Conner but also preparing for the off chance that I lose him by making other trades such as picking up Fournette and Cook for cheap.

I’m just keeping him until the end, who knows what happens when/if bell comes back. He could still have value even if bell plays as well.

Going down with the ship.

Except Conner is flying not sinking so that metaphor sucks