OK y'all....really tough decision here

As I posted on another topic here:

"In fact, I have Chubb in my FLEX at the moment, but trying to decide between him and Gus. Chubb has HOU this week. Gus’s matchup is a little more favorable…has ATL, which is one of the worst against BACKS.

Just so dadgummed hard not to start Chubb. BUT…IDK".:thinking:

Would y’all do this??? Or start Gus over Chubb.

DAMN…tough decision here!!!


For me Chubb’s earned “stud” status. You start him. Other’s may disagree but the guy had 28 attempts last week. You have to roll with that.

I know…almost a “MUST START”!!!

TY buddy…every opinion helps at this stage of things!!!

(Hope I was able to offer at least a little “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” in your earlier post. Not exactly an expert, but…I’ve been at this for about 5 yrs now…and possibly getting a BYE next week for our first week of P/O’s. So…again…even with us “novices” :smirk: every bit of feedback from everybody here helps more than I think most know!!!)

Love this place!!! :hugs:

TY @HonestThief…and wishing you the MOST AND BEST this week!!!

Any other thoughts here on this before I shut down for the night???

Appreciate @HonestThief’s comment more than he knows. Just wondering about everybody else.


I’m with thief on this one. Chubb is an elite runner and I’m not benching him. Edwards has an awesome match up but I’m not a huge fan of his running style and his offense. I think Edwards this week has a lower floor and higher ceiling while chubb is likely gonna nail somewhere between 10 to 20 pts.

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I like Gus more but i love to play matchups and i think ravens want to feature him more. but either way your not making bad desicion

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Leaning Chubb. I haven’t seen Gus factored into the passing game at all yet and that seems to be where ATL is the most weak, against receiving backs.

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Any time partner. We’re all in this together… unless you’re in my league. Then you can bite me.

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LOL @HonestThief. Now THAT was funny!!!

Ok y’all……apparently Chubb IT IS!!! Chubb seems to be the MAIN MAN right now, and can’t hardly turn your back on that.

Thanks a mil y’all!!!

Oh…and BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYBODY this week!!!:+1: