Okay, Ertz trade

Trade offer is from him to me, I’d be the one getting Ertz

Ertz, Dede Westbrook and James White for Kerryon Johnson, Phillip Lindsay and Geronimo Allison.

Rest of my team is

Mike Williams
Curtis Samuel
Larry Fitz
courtland Sutton
Albert Wilson

David Johnson
Devonta Freeman
Myles Sanders
EDITED: I also have Austin Ekler

My only tight end is Darren Waller lol hence me wanting Ertz

I’d drop Waller for Justice Hill probably if I accepted the trade

Whatcha y’all think

Just me thinking outloud, Dede is better than Allison and White is comparable to Lindsay. So at that point it’s basically do you think it is worth trading your likely RB2/Flex, because I think Kerryon would be a better flex than any of your WR2’s, every week to improve your TE spot. I personally would probably wait and see if a Tight end shows off the first week or 2 and you might be able to get a TE 5-10 for cheap without giving up anything. If your WR or RB depth was a little better I’d do it, the trade is definitely fair.

I almost NEVER make a deal that is me giving up a top RB for a top TE; but, this might be the exception.
Your team has great RB depth and minimal WR depth. I think you can sacrifice Kerryon for Ertz because you’ll also be getting DeDe and White. I think DeDe would slot in as your WR2 in the right matchup over Williams and Samuel. Meanwhile, White and Lindsay are equal (in PRR) for RB2/Flex.
So you’d be getting helpful WR depth and upgrading significantly at TE while sacrifice a good RB. I think you can and should do it because you have great RB depth

Yeah, that’s basically how I feel, and TE depth in my league is non existent lol everyone but me has like two rostered xD hence why I ended up with Darren Waller :joy:

Thats kinda what I’m thinking too, I like DeDe a good amount, and I keep hearing great stuff about justice hill who I could grab if I drop Waller, so my rb depth is still pretty solid, oh and I forgot!! I have Austin Ekler two!!

Then yes, grab Ertz while you can. You are giving up a good, maybe great RB; but, with your roster, he would only start in your flex if Sanders is a dud. Meanwhile, you have White and Ekler as depth pieces. Plus, you can rotate, based on matchups, your WR2 between Dede, Williams, and Samuel.

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Awesome thanks for the opinion!