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Okay guys, I'm lost and I need some guidance


I think i’m weak at WR but flush at RB, so I was looking to trade towards a WR1 but I’m at a loss on who to target and what to offer. I’m hoping you guys could offer me some sage advice. Roster is 3WR 2RB with no flex. Thanks guys
Here’s my team:

K. Allen
D. Adams

D. Martin
B. Marshall


You could maybe package Crowell and Martin for someone, or if you want to toss in Freeman with either of those two I think you could target a Tier 1 to Tier 2 player. It just depends on what your league mates’ needs are. Also if you think Zeke may get a suspension slammed down later, you could try to ship him off. But ultimately it’s up to you. I’d think you could target a J. Nelson or an A. Cooper type player for sure.


^^ I agree. It’s tough to say who to target without seeing the other rosters, but I’d look for a team that basically is the opposite of you- good WR depth and lacking in RBs. Usually RB’s are worth way more than WRs so I don’t like the 1 for 1 trade, but if you’re trying to get a WR1, think you could trade a pair of an RB2 and RB3.

Freeman is an RB1 so don’t package him with someone else- if you trade him, you should ask for a WR1 and something else, maybe another low end RB or WR. If you’re not trying to trade Freeman (which I don’t think you should), I’d package Martin and Crowell for a top 10 WR. If I were you, I’d try that.


^^ I agree, thinking about that now, yeah Freeman is a Boss. I’d do a 1 for 1 with him. Or a package deal with the lesser RB’s for a top 10 WR.