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Okay, I went in prepared but I don't think I did as well as I could have

1/2pt ppr, 10-team, 4-player keeper league.

Posting the draft below. I had my printouts with booms, busts, etc., my cheat sheet, and that’s it. I tried to make sure I didn’t overwhelm myself with information. My keepers are Todd Gurley, Christian McCaffrey, Davante Adams, and Damien Williams. We MUST keep 4, otherwise there was a good chance I would drop Williams. Keepers up top in blue, my picks in the black-boxed column.

I leaned heavily on FF Ballers rankings and reasoning.

  • R5: WR Julian Edelman: I felt like wide receiver is where I wanted to start. I’m okay with Edelman. I tried to draft value instead of names.

  • R6: RB Miles Sanders: I don’t know Sanders and I was thinking about Golladay but all my other RBs have potential health issues. Wanted someone solid just in case. Leaned away from Kupp because I have Gurley.

  • R7: WR Alshon Jeffery: Value seemed to be with the WRs here again.

  • R8: RB Rishaad Penny: I get itchy when I have more WRs than RBs. It’s dumb, but I’ve been hit hard by RB injury in the past and am skittish about it now.

  • R9: TE Cook: My kids came in and my queue wasn’t updated. My fault, not theirs. Auto-pick. Which sucks because Delanie Walker was there in round 13, which would be been a better value.

  • R10: WR Marvin Jones: FF Ballers have Jones and Alshon Jeffery four spots apart in their rankings. Seemed a steal in round 10. If Robby Anderson were healthy, I would have taken HIM in the 9th round.

  • R11: QB Jamis Winston: Didn’t want to miss out as 6 teams had drafted QBs and two had already drafted 2 QBs. Now was the time.

  • R12: WR flyer on Christian Kirk.

  • R13: RB flyer on Kaelen Ballage.

  • DEF/K : Whatever.

I don’t want to look at this comparing myself against other teams, but I would like to do is see what players went after my selection and what moves might have been made that I may have missed.

Let me know if anything jumps out at you.

When did you draft? If it was after McCoy was cut, I would’ve gone with Singletary instead of Penny in round 8. It may take a couple of weeks for him to get a decent workload, but he will. You are good at RB with your keepers - and I think Sanders was a great pick up! I got him in my first two leagues, and really thought about him as my RB4 in my draft last night - but ended up going with another rookie; Montgomery. I went with the FF ballers rankings there. I agree with your concern about Cook, but it’s not bad. You still got Jones as another WR in the next round. With your keepers, you are a solid 4 deep at RB and WR. You are banking on Winston being good all year as a QB. If he can return some value for you…I like your draft. Couple of decent fliers and a solid D/ST. But…you may want to look at what Defenses are on waivers for your D in week 1. Do you really want Jax D against the Chiefs? I don’t see the Cowboys drafted and their first 3 games are against relatively weak offenses. Maybe worth your time? Drop either Kirk or Ballage and then maybe pick them back up next week?

I think you will be very happy with Sanders as the season goes on - barring any injury

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I drafted last night too. I was totally eyeing Singletary. I can’t explain why I didn’t take him. I’m assuming I wasn’t thinking about McCoy. Yeah, I snagged the DEF knowing I would probably drop it. Took the highest pick just 'cause. DEF is the one place I did NOT do my homework. Should I really drop someone or just JAX and then stream?

Josh Allen was not drafted and he’s my goto backup, but after that it’s all Brissett and Dalton and stuff. Maybe I should get him? Crazy players drafted a ton of QB.

I would drop someone and get a better D for the first week. How are the players in your league at checking the waiver wire early in the season? Even if you drop Ballage - you can probably get him back if you really want him. However, if Josh Allen is still on waivers next week, I’d drop Ballage to ge the Cowboys this week, then target Allen. As you know, the Ballers rank him at #8 QB (in a 4 point league). Ballage, on the other hand…the Dolphins are a mess, and they traded away their best lineman. They are a team preparing to tank this season. I’m staying away from Ballage, Drake, whichever QB they go with and any of their WR corps.