Okay kids, I'm in deeeeep trouble

Right. All of these claims are going in tonight. Push Denver to the #1 spot?

Denver Def this week I think is better play than KC

Completely agree @psychosem17

At Cinci? Wait… their QB is out, isn’t he???

No Dalton. Driskel’s first start. Not sure AJ is rushed back since Dalton is now out.

Yep. Dalton’s done.

IDK. I’m looking back at those who’ve played OAK and CIN, and the defenses that played OAK seem to have been much better. Am I just missing something? I know Dalton and all, but is it that big a deal? They run it all day and keep it out of the air for interceptions.

I suspect Cincy leans on Mixon, though not sure to what amount of success since they will probably try to stack the box and make the young qb win with his arm and decision making. Denver runs more than most in the league anyways and is good at it. That should make for a shorter game.

You’re probably right… I’ll drop the KC claim and push DEN to the top. See anything else I can do? I’m on the edge here…

Monitor whats going on with D Jackson and possibly take a look at Godwin or Humphries. Might not be worth a claim but something to watch during the week .

If he’s out where do I go? My gut says Humphries but I’m not familiar with either.

Also, now that’ I’ve moved waivers, I have Wentz again. I’ll drop him in a heartbeat for someone else to help out.

Humphries is probably better if its PPR, other than that they are both similar. Look at any players that might have a shot at a blow up game too if you really think you are going to need more points. T, Williams is pretty much the same kind of player as D Jax for instance.

So possibly pick up Williams, put him in the flex hoping he blows up against a terrible ARI secondary? (More than Lockett, G. Edwards, J. Landry, D. Lewis, and Demaryius Thomas?)

Oy. Now THAT is swinging for the fences.

Like, I’m seriously asking: Do it do it??

I don’t know that I’d FLEX him over Lockett, Gus, Lewis or DT this week. Just MHO…but could be wrong.

Depends on what you need. There might be a situation where that is the best play. I don’t like him over Gus for sure. You might not know until after Thursday night or whatever to see if you are in a hole.

Good plan.

If I am reading everything right he has presumably his highest scorer in Brees going Thursday night so if Brees balls out and gets 40 he might want to play more conservative. If Brees tanks and gets 15 then he might need to go for the home run.

Okay. Thanks. Good to know. I’ll keep my eye out Thursday.