Okay, so is NOW the time to pivot to John Kelly as Gurley's handcuff?

With Brown being reported as having a similar clavicle injury as what Robert Woods had last year, is it now the time to start handcuffing with John Kelly instead of Brown if you are the Gurley owner?

Where is the news about Brown’s injury?

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DAMMIT!!! I just dropped Kelly a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been thinking highly of him since this summer. Have Gurley, and since he’s done ok so far…went ahead and grabbed Malcolm and dropped Kelly. But…been thinking that Kelly would be one to watch for a while now.


BUT…really curious what further reports about Brown say.

Picture in that article shows Brown in a hospital bed. He’s had something done, just not sure to what extent yet. The collar bone is the easiest bone in the body to break because it doesn’t take too many pounds of pressure to do the job.

My gut says this IS NOT GOOD!!! Even if it’s minor (which I don’t think it is), I’d say Kelly is the DEFINITE one to be looking at from here on. This year anyway!!!

I did the same thing with Samuels. I just picked him up and then dropped him to grab Ware and block. Then Conner gets banged up. Thankfully it looks like a best case scenario for James Earl but it was scary seeing it and then the moment when you realize you can’t even make a claim on him because you dropped him during this waiver cycle made me sick.

Aww man…that sucks!!! Fortunately I’m not in that situation and seriously thinking about going in and dropping Brown and snatching up Kelly. You think??

This is what ESPN is saying right now:
Brown is dealing with a clavicle injury that could require surgery, Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times reports.


Brown is not only a key backup to Todd Gurley but also a special teams star. Head coach Sean McVay noted it would be a “huge loss” to lose the fourth-year back for an extended period of time, so there will be hope that the injury is not as serious as expected. Justin Davis and John Kelly are in line to fill in Brown’s role if he indeed goes under the knife.

My thought here is…if it’s serious enough to POSSIBLY require surgery…I’m not confident enough to count on him at this point in the year. Thinking seriously that Kelly is gonna start getting LOTS of play time…just in case!!!

Who is this Justin Davis. This is the first I am seeing of his name. Is he just a guy that will fill in on the special teams side of things or is he a back too?

I’m thinking he’s one they’re getting ready to “condition” JUST IN CASE. I’m thinking Kelly is the one!!! Seriously thinking about just going in and grabbing him up for Brown. If Brown’s in the hospital (saw the pic)…
he’s not gonna be one to count on!!!

Was watching Kelly this summer. That little guy is HOT and only needing the chance to SHOW HIS SHIT!!! THIS IS THE TIME!!! I’d say everybody needs to grab him NOW!!!