Okay, which WR's should I play? HELP

My WR1 is Davante Adams, starting him.

But I have

Curtis Samuel: Possibly no Cam play
Robert Woods: Great WR, lots of ball to go around
Demarcus Robinson: Good start of the season, is a chiefs WR, nuff said.
Randall Cobb: Dak and the Cowboys are on fire.

Thought? I also have Mixon who hasnt done anything so far and am thinking about benching him for one of these WR’s as well. HELP

Robert Woods is your safest bet. He didn’t have a big week this past week but I expect him to do much better against Cleveland.

For Week 3, i think the below. 2a/2b I could see being interchangeable.
2a. Cobb (Gallup injury)
2b. D. Rob (not sure if him or Watkins/Mecole will be main target)
3. Samuel