Oklahoma Peeps?

Considering starting up a local redraft league here in Oklahoma. Wondering if there are any Oklahoma (even better OKC area) people who would be interested?

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Just moved to OKC and I do love FFB. Got any leads on leagues?

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Have not seen a ton of interest but if we got a few more people would be open to getting something started.

Iā€™m from Oklahoma, bout an hour from OKC, and would love to do a league if we find enough! Meeting up for drafts would be a ton of fun.

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We can keep this thread open and if we hear of more people wanting to play then we can get something rolling!

I am not from Oklahoma, though I have grown up bleeding crimson and cream, as well as a huge Thunder fan. I would love to join this league!

LOVE THAT! Will keep you posted.

Im in the Dallas area but would be willing to take a road trip down for a draft if we have enough interested people