Old league needs a new scoring setup!

Hey Footclan! I run an office league that is about 8 years old and I am beginning to feel the that scoring setup I google’d a while ago isn’t working right. 22 or the top 25 players last year were QBs…

This year we’re adopting FAAB and I’d like to level out our scoring, but don’t know where to start, is there a FFBallers or Footclan approved scoring guide?

It’s a Yahoo league.

Thank you FC!

Here’s the Baller’s preferred scoring settings:

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Thank you! Has anyone converted that to Yahoo scoring, mainly in terms of passing and rushing yards?

Somebody was sleeping during his middle school math classes :joy:

.04 points per passing yard = 25 passing yards per point

.1 points per rushing or receiving yard = 10 yards per point

Thank you so much! Kiiiiiiiiiindof feel like an idiot now. Thank you!