Old man team and handcuff trade question

Hello, I drafted a team(PPR format) with some old men: Marshawn Lynch, Demarco Murray, and Larry Fitzgerald. I’m pretty deep at WR(Diggs, Moncrief, J. Matthews, Ginn, Doctson, Amendola). My sister in the same league drafted the handcuffs of my starting RBs: Derick Henry and Deandre Washington and is in desperate need of WRs because she drafted too many RBs. Should I propose a trade for one of these handcuffs and does one of them have enough stand alone value it would be worth it regardless of their handcuff status? I’m worried because my third RB is Theo Riddick so if one of the old men RBs gets injured I’ll likely be suffering all year.

I like the team… Could care less about age with Fitzgerald and Murray. I think they are solid starters for you… I personally never hold onto a handcuff… Maybe I would if I had D. Freeman and grab Coleman but Coleman has stand alone value… If you really want a handcuff; Derick Henry would be the only one I’d target. If she needs WR offer he Doctson or Amendola… I don’t think either of them are going to be worth of starting all season.

Whats your entire roster look like? Theres no G. Bernard on the waiver?

Thanks for the reply! The players on my roster I left out of my question are Latavius Murray, Luck, and Andy Dalton, and Gronk. The only available RBs on waivers are in the eighth tier of the UDK like Yeldon, and Smallwood, and Jalen richard.

We will see on Murray I am a Dalvin Cook owner so sorry but hoping Murray stubs his toe serious hard before the season starts. I have Dalton as well. Big fan of his, pretty much have drafted him every season. Luck should be great once hes back… I don’t hold two QBs at once so I would trade one of them but that’s personal preference.

Gronk should help you out a lot this season… Hopefully he stays healthy but I believe he will… Stay away from those guys on the waivers. You should be ok a RB for now. Riddick is a good pass-catching back. Murray will hold down the position again, Lynch should be back to form and get at least 200 touches not a bad floor.

Stay active… I always over think shit to much. Season hasn’t even started. haah

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Don’t worry about handcuffs. Only Henry has standalone value.