Olsen and ajayi for Hyde?

Full PPR league…Would u give up Ajayi and Olsen for Hyde? I hav Ertz so I can afford to give up Olsen and my other starting rbs r Drake McKinnon Latavius Murray henry and Booker…

I personally wouldn’t I understand liking Hyde but the possibility of them turning over RB duties to Breida really scares me. They may not but they know what they have in Hyde, they may want to see if Breida can be their workhorse of the future. Also injuries could lead to them sitting him too, no matter how small the injury is. Just don’t like it personally.

I could grab brieda off the wire he’s available

Then I would be ok with the trade… but personally I would keep Ajayi. I know the snaps and workload aren’t there but these have also been blowout wins, in closer games I see them using their best player and Ajayi is that guy.

I’m a huge birds fan and watching that last game was brutal using 4 backs one of which should b on the practice squad…u trade for ajayi and give him 7 snaps??

I think it’s a good trade feel like you could maybe get a better back but it helps your squad he definitely wins the trade tho but you don’t need Olsen giving you points on your bench

Unfortunately he’s the best I can get I’ve tried the rest of the top 10 backs but how they are all situated on teams in my league no one will budge from them no matter wat the offer is.

I’m in a similar situation but I got offered Hunt for Kelce and D. Murray and Olsen could be my guy but I’m kinda worried about hunt. I’m kinda banking on Murray and Olsen having big games so I can sell high!

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