Olsen and TY for Cooks


Looking to upgrade at WR

Would you trade Greg Olsen and TY Hilton for Brandin Cooks?

My TE are Ertz, Olsen
My WRs are Tyreek, Watkins, JuJu, Valdes-Scantling, Hilton

Olsen is fully expendable with Ertz at TE. At wr, I like Cooks schedule better rest of season, so would accept this trade except for the nuance that Cooks still has his bye in week 12 with Tyreek and Watkins. Would destroy your wr corp that week. If you absolutely need wins now I would hesitate, otherwise pull the trigger.

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I like Cooks a lot, but his target share is going to fall slowly with Kupp back.

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I didn’t even think of that, I also have zuerlein so will be searching for a Kicker that week as well. Will hold off. I mean, I’m tied for 1st at 7-2 but all those byes I don’t like that much. Good call. Thanks!