How long do I wait on Olsen/Baldwin/Goodwin injuries before letting them go?

Olsen was my only TE so obviously I have to get another TE off waivers, pickings are pretty slim. Ebron, Doyle, B. Watson, V. McDonald, Eifert, Brate, J. Cook are best of whats available. Who should I stream for week 2/going forward?

As for Baldwin/Goodwin, I’m going to keep goodwin in a wait n see role on the bench, Baldwin I’m not sure he’s worth holding a roster spot for… I do have 7RB’s on this team with Breida/Blount being the lowest valued one’s on my bench. Sterling Sheppard, B. Marshall, Enunwa, C. Beasley, J. Ross, DeVante Parker, C. Sutton are among the best available receivers on waivers, who would you pick up?

Injuries are not cool, especially when your week opponent had Aaron Rodgers and Alvin Kamara!

Get Ross and DeVabte Parker, as for TE i would go with Doyle or Eifert