Should I start Greg Olsen this week? Cameron Brate has not done much for me in recent weeks. I have been winning without Brate’s points so I figure it can’t hurt…

EDIT: Does the return from injury bother you guys at all? lmk

There is always the risk that a player returning from a long absence won’t be fully up to speed. However, Cam has eyes for Olsen and he has great upside (especially PPR).

Given your only other option, go with the upside here. Like you said it certainly couldn’t hurt.

I’d personally go Olsen in this situation.

Thanks for your input.

TE has been a pretty irrelevant position for me this season so it can’t hurt to try.

Fitz hates Brate for some reason. I would def go Olson, Stephania Bell didnt seem worried in an excerpt I heard yesterday.