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Olsen, Montgomery, or Pryor


My keepers are Green, Watkins and Hilton. I traded my 1st round for D. Murray. Would you rather have Olsen, Pryor or Montgomery as a 2nd round pick if they fall there? (2 WR, 1 RB & 1 RB/WR flex *.5pt ppr)


Based on your current situation, since you’re already stacked at the WR position, I’d take Montgomery. I’m pretty high on him this year and have only heard good things out of camp (not that that means a whole lot)


Great question! Personally I would take Olsen. You have a solid starter for your RB, just make sure you draft Henry. Because Cam is being limited on his run plays and Kelvin’s questionable hands, Olsen will be the feature receiver for this offense. Minimum top 5 TE.


Since you can only start 3 WRs and already have 3 studs I’d go with Montgomery.

Montgomery is looking like a very solid mid round pick this year. He’s about 6’0" 220 lbs now after bulking up a little this off-season and had a league leading 2.8 yards after contact per touch last year. And if you buy into playerprofiler’s advanced metrics he had the 3rd best juke rate at 34.7%. I think some people think he’s a Theo Riddick type RB because of how he was used last year but I’m not sure it can stressed enough that he went through all of camp and pre-season working as a WR with WR coaches. It shouldn’t really be a surprise that he wasn’t prepared to be an every down, 15+ carries a game guy when thrust into that role mid-season. He simply wasn’t ready to pass protect at an NFL level on that short of notice. They’ve already talked about him showing the ability to pass protect well in camp, he just needs to get the reps in which is something he wasn’t able to do with how last year went.

There’s also a lot of fuss about the rookies they drafted but we’re talking about a team that had the RB position become so depleted in 2016 that they had to convert a WR to the position. It’s not shocking that they stockpiled guys at that position late in the draft after the departures of Starks and Lacy. I believe if the Packers were intending to completely replace Montgomery at RB they would have invested an earlier pick into a much higher pedigree prospect like Cook, Mixon, Hunt, or Foreman.

Maybe Aaron Jones or Jamaal Williams end up being very good and Montgomery isn’t the early down back in Green Bay, I can’t say that isn’t a possibility, but even in that case Montgomery should still be the receiving back and be used in creative ways in a Rodgers led offense. I think we can expect what Montgomery did last year from him this season, but he has the potential to do a lot more finally having a chance to work as an RB all off-season and better prepare for that role. I think TyMont is much more David Johnson than he is Duke Johnson.


TY isn’t a bad option. The dude is hard to get a hand on.

I will however make this very clear. Changing roles in the NFL from an RB to a WR isn’t that hard. Learn your route tree and audibles. To convert from WR to RB is very complicated. You are not only talking run style, which was completely wrong last season, but also blitz pickup, play action, ball protection (much different between the tackles), QB line calls, option play, and an NFL RB needs to know everyone in the O-line’s pickups. In that regard he is way behind all of these other true RB draft picks. Those things previously mentioned are the reason Trent Richardson failed. He was dumb.

That being said, the Packer’s offense isn’t that complicated, and by all accounts TY is learning pretty quick. Anyone know f he was a runner in high school or college?


What about Lynch over TY or Olsen if he is there? Also he played RB and WR in high school. Didn’t play WR in college but had the reputation that he could play both.


I would take Lynch, great O-Line and a year to get healthy.