Olsen or Walker Week 12?

Who would you play? I’ve already clinched playoffs but am looking to grab the number 1 seed and I’m playing the only other 10-1 this week. He has Gronk so I’m looking to see which TE will beef my roster up.
Walker has the Colts and Olsen has the Jets.

Any thoughts appreciated, this is my biggest dilemma this week lol.

I would go with Walker until we see how the offense is run in Carolina with him back. You have targets going to Funchess, MCAF, and the Offense has been rolling without him…Just to many unknowns. This week will tell us allot for sure.

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Same, I would go with Walker. Very rare that good players get off to a banging start after being out for so long, also they will probably limit him a bit to make sure he comes out okay. Good luck!

Agree 100% with @Inglorious_Packers

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All depends on what your opponent is like…if you have buffer I think he will come back first game with solid outing…I have him AND that is where I am going, but I play a chump that week so I have some room to mess around