Olsen Ready at TE?

Is Olsen ready to start on Sunday? Would you start Olsen or D Walker?

Had the same question yesterday myself so I started Vernon Davis instead and gave me the magnificent quantity of 0 points. LOL :cry::cry:

I got to hear an interview with Olsen yesterday. Physically he’s ready to go and I’d be ready to trust him for a full workload. I suggest you start Olsen as a clear TE1 and even a flex.

I thought of playing two TEs. My flex is currently Landry. My WRs are Baldwin and Smith Schuster

starting graham and olsen is in my flex

So if I sub Olsen in the flex spot, which of my WRs would you bench?

I’m a little nervous about the coach’s comments If planning to use him “judiciously.” They are saying it’s a hint he won’t be used in his normal workload. Any thoughts on that whether to buy it or take it with a grain of salt?

you gotta start walker, landry ALWAYS goes off against the pats. start landry for sure. if you want to start olsen swap for smith schuster, doug baldwin is about to tear up that 49er defense.

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def swap olsen for smith schuster now especially since he is out for sunday

Walker. But my friend met Olsen ,aka Ol hands and feet, at the hornets game the other night and he said hes playing