OLSEN vs. V. Davis

would you guys start greg olsen or vernon davis this week? Both have good matchups, vernon davis faces the worse tight end defense so its hard not to start him, but its also greg olsen so its hard to ignore that.

I was about to ask the same exact question. Vernon starts Thursday, so we both need an answer soon since we can’t wait for a game time decision on Olsen.

i didnt even consider olsen being a game time decision, with that in mind i may just start vernon. we need more practice updates for olsen

Safe bet is Davis this week

Also, I thought I heard a week or two ago on the Fantasy Footballers podcast that “any TE should be played against the Giants Defense”. I’m not sure if that has changed, but if their opinion is the same, then great matchup for Vernon Davis.

VD all the way. Olsen is coming off IR. I need to see him play before making him an every week start. He may be on a snap count…