Olsen, Watkins for Amari?

Would you trade
G. Olsen and S. Watkins
A. Cooper
10 Team PPR

My WRs - Tyreek, JuJu, TY, MVS, Watkins
I have Ertz at TE. Just looking to sure up my WR position, and looking to open a bench spot for a playoff DST and a Kicker I’ll need next week when GZ goes on BYE.

I’d personally keep your 2. Your WR are solid but If you want to sure up your WR’s then I’d look for a better return. Cooper has improved in DAL but Watkins if healthy has more upside IMO with that high scoring offense. I’d maybe try for a different WR or even RB depth

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Even if I own Tyreek already? That’s only reason I want to move Watkins. He is a solid handcuff to have for Tyreek in case he goes down but I just think moving him for a WR on another team would better round out my WR core? Curious on your thoughts on that

The Chiefs spread it around enough that both are viable starters and don’t consider him a handcuff necessarily. But I get wanting to find a WR from another team to diversify. It really depends on the return I wouldn’t move him unless you get a solid WR2

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