OMG I Blew It, LOL. HELP!?

I just finished my auction draft and oh boy did I blow it. We have keepers and it totally threw off the values. I misjudged what I would need to land RB depth and ended up REALLY thin at RB. What can I do to salvage this mess? Here’s my team and the waiver wire… yikes! I’m chasing trade deals for Vance RN.

Drop Mattison for Justin Jackson. Mattison won’t get that much work and there will probably be more of a share between Ekeler/ Jackson than there will be between Cook/Mattison.

The Cook owner has trash on his bench and the LAR kicker. Maybe I can send him Mattison for Zuerlin, then drop my old kicker for Jackson.

You could do that

Definitely would pick up RoJo! I know most people are down on him, but Arians has basically said whoever shows up this week is going to be the guy. He’s praised RoJo all off-season, as have his teammates, and he’s the only one on this list who realistically can be a startable asset all season long. I’d cut Mattison and scoop him up with the quickness, personally!